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Finally... An Offline Advertising Service That Is Easy To Use, Requires NO Knowledge Of Advertising, Generates A Tremendous Amount Of Traffic To Your Website And Builds Your Internet Business, Literally On Autopilot!”

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Hello Fellow Internet Marketer,

My Name is Austin Rose and I have Great News for you!

Are you looking for an EASY way to generate Massive Traffic to your website?

Do you want an affordable Offline Advertising service that generates massive traffic to your website on Autopilot?

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If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you have found what you have been looking for.

This is an advertising portal for Internet Marketers to join together and promote the most successful Online Businesses with Offline Advertising Co-ops.

By joining together to advertise, Internet Marketers around the World can leverage each other in ways never seen before.

We will help each other promote Hand Picked Online Businesses that are providing substantial income for Internet Marketers, whether they are just starting out or are seasoned marketers.

These Online Businesses are from the most successful Internet Marketers on the Planet!

With their systems, these successful Internet Marketers have created Multi-Million Dollar Empires in a relatively short period of time.

They are willing to share their success with you by joining together to provide Offline Advertising Co-ops that you can jump in and start generating massive traffic to your selected Online Business immediately.

Completely on Auto Pilot, literally!

We are promoting these very successful businesses offline by way of the most powerful form of offline advertising know to man......

No, it is not Television, Newspaper or even Radio, it is...


Aerial Advertising

We are also Beta Testing Postcard Direct Mailing for
Chews 4 Health. Register for Free and Join the Co-op!

Aerial Advertising is a form of advertising that commands attention and forces people to view your advertisement.

Because, when an Airplane fly's overhead, most people are compelled to look at it.

And if there is a banner being towed behind that Airplane, the people will see, read and remember the message.

Aerial Advertising has proven to have a retention rate of 67%, even 30 minutes after the message has been delivered.

When people see your advertisement, they WILL remember your message.

Because you will have, on average, 17 seconds of uninterrupted attention given to your advertisement flying overhead.

During those 17 seconds, the audience can’t:

  • Turn the channel
  • Throw the advertisement away
  • Or click back to another website.

You got them, now sell your message!

During those 17 seconds, a person will See, Read and Understand your message, on average, 8 to 18 times.

That is up to 18 times, in 17 seconds, of getting your message seen and remembered by every single person in view of your aerial advertisement.

That alone means that 10’s of Million’s of eyeballs see your advertisement during each and every flight.

With multiple flights per day in multiple markets around the World, that means that there is a potential of 100’s of BILLION’s of eyeballs seeing your advertisement every single day.

We are starting operations in the Orlando, Florida market which covers all of the largest theme parks in the world.

These theme parks include;

  • Walt Disney World
  • Sea World, Orlando
  • Universal Studios, Orlando

Your selected Online Business Advertising campaign will be flown every single day, including Holidays and weekends!

As the total number of members subscribed to an individual Offline Advertising Co-op increase, your advertisement will be flown more times per day and in more markets around the World.

We are expanding operations to the top markets in the World, which include:

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Mumbai, India
  • Sáo Paulo, Brazil
  • New York City, USA
  • Shanghai, China
  • Los Angeles, USA

Plus many, many more!

This gives your advertisement more exposure than any other type of Offline Advertising in use today.

Our mission is to have at least one Aerial Billboard flying some where in the World 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For FREE!!

Offline Advertising Client Testimonial

Offlinemarketing is a blessing!

I have spent countless amount of money on ways to advertise my gdi biz and nothing comes even close to the success I am having with offlinemarketing.

Only 2 days after I joined they flew for the second time and after only a couple of hours after their fight I had my first gdi sign up!

And 3 days later my second :) this is the Best and most effective way to advertise your gdi biz and the best part is how you just sign up and wait for your sign ups :)

It has been a week since their last flight and I am still getting hits.

PS. they are still in their beta prelaunch I can't wait to see the results from when they officially launch!

Join NOW!

Teilon Ferreira
Louisville, KY



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The effectiveness of Aerial Advertising has been proven with multiple case studies.

Case Study #1

One case study was conducted by a research firm in the summer of 2005 on Miami Beach, Florida.

After an Aerial Advertisement was delivered at the beach, 2194 people were asked if they had seen, read, understood and retained the message.
The results were as follows:

30 Minutes after Exposure to an Aerial Advertisement

  Recalled seeing advertising message 88.1%
  Recalled Brand Name Correctly 79.1%
  Female 82.4%
  Male 73.3%
  Recalled Name and Message 67.1%
  Female 70.4%
  Male 61.0%
That’s 67.1% of the people at the beach had seen, read and remembered the message that flew overhead 30 minutes after it delivered.

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These results confirm that Aerial Advertising is a form of advertising that commands attention.

For FREE!!

Here is another case study conducted by Aerial Billboard Corporation.

Case Study #2

We flew a very simple straight forward letter banner for 2 hours in Orlando, Florida during July of 2009.

This banner simply read

This by far is the basic of basic aerial advertisements.

The results we got from this short flight were astounding!

During the 2 hour flight, we got about 200 hits to the website.

As a side note, about 47% of those initial hits were from mobile devices.

But the astounding part is that some of the hits we received during that 2 hour flight were from 8 different states in the United States!

Remember, we only flew this banner in Orlando, Florida but got website visitors from around the country.

Now that is advertising reach!

Even after the aerial advertising flight was over, we were still getting hits to the website, up to 4 days later!

Now that is message retention!

We flew the letter banner on a Monday and the hits kept coming in until Friday, when the hits finally stopped.

That was 5 days of activity from just one 2 hour flight.

That is totally awesome!

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This amounted to almost 700 hits to the website from a simple and very basic letter banner.

Just imagine the results you will get from a 30’ x 90’ Aerial Billboard with more compelling ad copy!

Also, just image having the same Aerial Billboard flown every single day in multiple markets.

Traffic to your website will be huge!

In total, the hits generated from this short campaign came in from a total of 12 different states across the United States of America and even a few hits from the United Kingdom.

How great is that?

We are getting International Advertising exposure from a single 2 hour Aerial Advertising Route in Orlando, Florida.

The final report showed that 66.8% of the hits to the website came in after the flight was over.


This proves that Aerial Advertising is the most powerful advertising media on the planet!


For FREE!!


Here is another case study performed by the State of Maine.

Case Study #3

When the Maine State Lottery was launched, they used several forms of advertising and had a budget of $100,000 to promote awareness for the lottery.

Once the Lottery was launched, a Marketing firm for the State Commerce Department circulated questionnaires and found that 70% of the people were aware of the lottery.

The breakdown of how the people found out about the lottery was as follows:

  • Television – 15.9%
  • Billboards – 21.6%
  • Aerial Advertising – 18.3%
  • Radio – 19.8%
  • Posters – 14.9%

Aerial Advertising commanded 18% of the product awareness campaign with only 6% of the total budget.

Now that is advertising impact!

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From these case studies you can see that Aerial Advertising commands attention and makes people SEE, READ and REMEMBER your advertisement!


For FREE!!


Now that you have seen how awesomely powerful Aerial Advertising is,

Let's do some comparisons:

We will start with an advertising form that has been around since the dawn of written literature....

Newspaper Advertisements

Nowadays, this form of advertising has to be one of the biggest wastes of good advertising dollars.

Yes, in the beginning, the Newspaper ad was a very powerful form of advertising, but today the reader subscriptions are down and Newspapers are closing up shop every day.

However, in today’s economy, people are skimming the Newspaper to get to the nitty gritty information about the economy and National Politics.

And skipping the ads altogether!

Once they have finished reading the Newspaper, it will most likely end up at the bottom of the cat litter pan. I don’t know about you, but my cat can’t read.

Not to mention the pricing has increased.

It seems, as the readership goes down the cost to place an ad goes up, as publishers are attempting to recoup losses from dwindling subscriptions.

In a recent inquiry, we checked with the Orlando Sentinel to place a full page ad.

And to our amazement, they wanted over $3,000 for a full page advertisement for one day!

Holly molly, that is expensive, and with a readership of 650,000.

That is and average cost of $4.61 CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions).

So, for a 30 day campaign, it would have cost us $90,000.

I don’t know about you, but that is too big of a bite out of my advertising budget.

Now, lets not completely poo poo the Newspaper ad, because without it, the advertising industry would not be what it is today.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Newspaper Advertising:

The Pros are:

  • Full color ads
  • Quick to publish
  • Gets readers limited attention (Only full page ads)
  • Ad can have a lot of details

The Cons are:

  • Expensive
  • Easily discarded
  • Easily overlooked (anything smaller then a full page ad)
  • To much information (will not drive traffic)
  • Low number of people actually looking at the ads


If you want to have a day or two of ads and have a limited response, then the traditional Newspaper ad is the way to go.

If you want an affordable, effective and sustained advertising campaign.

Use Offline Advertising for Your Online Business which employs powerful Aerial Advertising techniques that gets incredible results!


For FREE!!


Ok, we have covered Newspaper ads, now let’s move on to:

Radio Ads

In the heyday of Radio, the 15, 30 & 60 second spots were a very powerful tool.

In that time, the audience had maybe 3 to 5 stations to choose from, and it was a real pain to change the channel.

As the next channel may not be as clear of a signal or it may not be broadcasting something they wanted to listen to.

So, back then, when an ad came on, people would listen to them intently.

In fact they were almost like mini shows them selves.

That is how powerful they use to be.

However, they got overlooked from time to time.

Just take the classic Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” radio play.

They played many disclaimers throughout the broadcast and also they had several commercial breaks.

But people did not hear the commercial breaks or disclaimers as the play was so good that most everybody thought it was real.

And COMPLETELY missed the disclaimers and commercial breaks.

However, in today’s Radio environment, there are hundreds of stations to choose from.

And it is very easy to switch to a different channel with just a quick push of a button.

And the next channel will be as clear if not clearer then the previous one and most likely playing something that the audience wants to hear.

Granted, Radio advertising is relatively inexpensive, just a few hundred dollars for a few 30 second spots.

But, the people listening usually do not listen to the commercials.

At least my experience has shown me that the average person will channel surf when a commercial comes on.

As a matter of fact, since the introduction of the iPod and related devices,

The number of people still listening to radio has diminished dramatically in the past several years.

Now, most everybody has a personal listening device that does not have any commercial interruptions.

The pricing for a radio spot is low, but also the advertising impressions are low as well.

Again, let us not condemn the Radio Spot, as without it the advertising industry would not be what it is today.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Radio Advertising:

The Pros are:

  • Affordable
  • Quick to air
  • Longer campaigns

The Cons are:

  • Easily skipped
  • Not many people listening
  • Limited responsiveness

So if you want longer campaigns (than Newspaper) with limited responsiveness, then by all means use a few Radio Spots.

If you want an affordable, effective and sustained advertising campaign.

Use Offline Advertising for Your Online Business which employs powerful Aerial Advertising techniques that gets incredible results!


For FREE!!


Ok, now we have covered Newspaper Ads and Radio Spots. Now let us move on the Granddaddy of Advertising,

Television Ads

Back in the day, when TV was new and just in its infancy, there were just 3 stations to choose from.

So, when a commercial came on, people would watch, and watch they did.

Some of these first commercials actually had an occult following of sorts.

With people making memorabilia and having themed parties just to honor a particular brand or product because they liked the commercial so much.

And having a TV in the house was a very big deal, as not everybody had one.

They would have gatherings just to watch a particular show.

However, in today’s Television culture, there are literally thousands of stations to choose from and most households have 2 or 3 televisions.

Today, channel surfing is now a way of life.

If you stop on a show that has commercials, it has a 96% chance of being changed when the commercial comes on.

Let’s not forget about the Digital Video Recorder, where people record a show to watch later.

And out of those shows, the commercials have 99% chance of getting skipped.

It is getting so bad, that advertisers are coming up with new ways of trying to get their message through the DVR, with very limited success.

The cost of advertising on Television has increased as well.

The highest priced show an advertiser can use is the NFL Superbowl, and in 2009 a 30 second spot costs $3,000,000.

With an estimated amount of viewers being 120,000,000. That is a cost of $25.00 CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions).

And from the news that has been published, there were spots left available up until the week before Superbowl.

Which says to me, that is the highest price point the industry can afford.

This is not too bad of a price for a TV spot, (if you have that kind of budget) as there are other shows that are less expensive to advertise on.

But have much higher CPM.

Some are as high as $10,000 CPM for a 60 second spot.

That relates to several hundred thousand dollars to run your commercial.

These CPM prices do not include any of the film production costs.

That can get rather large also, depending on who is in the spot.

The production costs for a typical commercial spot can range from several thousand dollars to over $1,000,000 per spot.

With any show, most people go get food or drink during commercials.

Also, they go and do other things that take them away from watching the commercial.

This, in the end, reduces the overall effectiveness of any Television commercial.

If you want an affordable, effective and sustained advertising campaign.

Use Offline Advertising for Your Online Business which employs powerful Aerial Advertising techniques that gets incredible results!


For FREE!!


We have covered most of the available forms of Offline Advertising.

There is one form of advertising left:

Online Advertising

I will not insult your intelligence by explaining the Pros and Cons of this form of advertising.

As, it is my personal believe that you are fully aware of the triumphs and tragedies that make up Internet Marketing.

Otherwise, why would you be looking for a less

  • Time consuming
  • Pay Per Click gobbling
  • Keyboard Crunching

Form of Advertising to grow your successful Online Business.

Offline Advertising for Your Online Business has just what you are looking for:

Just sign up (for Free)



Subscribe to your favorite Online Business Ad Co-op



And sit back and watch the hits start coming in, on Autopilot!

It is that easy!

So, take the first step and...


For FREE!!

Client Testimonials

Customers report success, and economy with Aerial Advertising!

We advertised Groth Brothers Chevrolet over the Livermore Rodeo, and got a call for a bid on a fleet of trucks!
Greg Paxio, General Sales Manager - Groth Brothers Chevrolet


We have been using Aerial Services for years to advertise our Warehouse Furniture Sales Events - we get broad coverage over many towns at a price that is about 25% of print media, and boy, does this work! When the plane is up, we see a steady increase in the number of cars in our parking lots!
Tran Ha, President - Designer Furniture Warehouse


I was able to get measurable results in a previously undiscovered advertising medium."
Pat Croce, President - Philadelphia 76ers


MEISSNER CHEVROLET now stands out from the rest of the competition. I had some reservations about using aerial advertising, but I'm sure glad now that you presented me with the concept”.
Doug Meissner, Owner - Meissner Chevrolet, - Philadelphia., PA


Courier-Post Newspaper Reporter:
Q: How effective is it?
Chuck Armstrong:
A: “Phenomenal... I'd been in the (restaurant) business 20 years... and I thought banner advertising would be a waste of money. But the owners here asked me to (use it) and when I did, the results were tremendous.
Worth every penny!”

Chuck Armstrong, Part owner and General Manager East Bay Crab, and Grill Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

Fly My Ad

If you want an affordable, effective and sustained advertising campaign.

Use Offline Advertising for Your Online Business which employs powerful Aerial Advertising techniques that gets incredible results!


For FREE!!

Aerial Advertising:

Commands Attention!



Forces people to See, Read and Remember Your Message!



Is Affordable and Cost Effective!

You are literally in on the ground floor of this powerful offline advertising service. But...

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There limited spots available!

You need to get in NOW...

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How This System Works

Ok, Now that we have gone over all of the various forms of advertising and the Pros and Cons of each,

We will go over how this system works.

First, we have created what essentially is a giant 5 line classified ad that is flown in the sky.

This giant classified ad is 30' tall by 90' wide and has 5 lines of ad copy.

The ad copy consists of 4 lines of text promoting a specific Online Business and the last line of text is a website address.

This website address is the basis of the Ad Co-op

You see, when a potential customer hits the displayed website,

They will be redirected to your affiliate link for the particular Online Business that the Ad Co-op website is promoting.

An Ad Co-op is when multiple people join together and use the same advertisement.

This advertisement can be any thing from TV commercials (one of the more common Ad Co-ops) to Radio Spots, even Newspaper ads.

However, we have chosen to use Aerial Advertising because it has a higher retention rate than any other form of advertising available today.

When you sign up for a particular Ad Co-op, you are getting a single share of that Ad Co-op.

Then the more we fly the giant classified ad, the more hits the Ad Co-op website will get and the more hits your affiliate link will get.

The hits to the Ad Co-op website will be split evenly between all of the members of that particular Ad Co-op.

Since we are in the Founders Beta Pre-Launch phase, we have calculate the number of views the giant classified will be getting.

The number of times the ad will be seen, read and remembered is in the 10,000,000's daily!

However, the amount of people that will actually take action and activity enter the website in their browser and hit the Ad Co-op Website will be in the 10,000's daily!

Which relates to your affiliate link getting 1,000's of hits every day, literally on Autopilot!



Here are the Real-Time Stats for the hand picked Online Businesses that we are offering Offline Advertising Co-ops:

Pool # Daytime
Aerial Advertising Ad Co-ops
Number of Subscribers Total # of Co-op Hits
11 GVO - Global Virtual Opportunities 2 1182
  Pre Launch    

Plus many more to come!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!


Austin Rose, Owner
Offline Advertising
for Your Online Business


PS. By signing up today, you will be on the ground floor of a new and exciting opportunity that will generate massive income for you with the hand picked Online Business models from the top Internet Markets on the Net today!

PPS. As an extra bonus for signing up today, you can become an affiliate for Offline Advertising and will be able to earn commissions from your 1st Tier referrals.

PPPS. For signing up today, you will have access to extra special bonuses splashed throughout the back office. These bonuses are hidden and unadvertised, so you will never know which click the next bonus is hiding behind.

To Find Them ALL!



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